Business IT Solutions

Our mission is to deliver solutions that improve your business through technical efficiency.

Based in Lawrence, Kansas.

BITS Midwest will work with you to design the best solutions for you and your business.

Solutions That Build Profit and Reduce Stress

BITS Midwest offers managed services like Office 365.
On-Premises and Cloud Based Solutions

Technical infrastructure is the foundation to efficiency. We can design and implement the perfect structure for your business.

Business-Focused Technology Consulting

We are just as into business as we are technology. Our consulting services always take both into account.

Work from Home Solutions

Remote workforces are quickly becoming an integral part of successful businesses. We can help you maintain a safe and productive remote workforce environment.

Professional Conference and Huddle Rooms

Most meetings today are held digitally. Poor quality video and audio can hurt your sales and service delivery. We design and install top-tier conference and huddle room systems.


Contact us for your free initial consultation. We'll learn about your business, goals, and current IT issues.


We work with your team to uncover the root causes of all the IT issues you know about, and maybe a few you don't.


Your business goals and needs are always at the heart of our IT solutions.


By aligning with your business, BITS can install and maintain the right solution for you.